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Saturday, January 23, 2010

News: Gentoo Becomes a Rock Star

This week I've been reading about the new Misa Digital Guitar. Apparently the only thing it has in common with traditional guitars is it's shape, as it has more in common with Monome when it comes to functionality. This instrument is designed to allow you to control electronic music as you play it, and to this end they've replaced the traditional strings where you would normally pluck the quitar with an 8.4" MultiTouch LCD at 800x600 resolution. So rather than just using a"plucking" motion to create a sound you can use your fingers in many creative ways to control your sound from start-to-finish, essentially putting an entire DJ booth's worth of equipment into your hand!

The reason it caught my attention is that it is powered by Gentoo Linux and runs SSH for ultimate geek access. Being a truly open device it's possible to do anything with it, I just hope they don't do to it what some have done to the monome. Finally, it's really too bad that Nintendo's already took the slogan "Now You're Playing with Power!". Here's their demo video:

Oh, and Gentoo it's nice to see that you've been expanding your horizons since we broke up...but I still want you off my hard drive by the end of next week!

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